• Conference paper, ‘Indigenous rights, social exclusion and the Batwa of Rwanda’, presented in Ghent on 9 December 2015
  • Goodwin, M.E.A. (2015) PetchKutcha, Presentation on social exclusion to public audience at the Tilburg Night University, 1 October 2015,
  • Conference paper, ‘A view from the South’, presented at King’s College London on 18 March 2016 in a conference on Transnational Sovereignties (the paper situates Batwa settlements at the centre of transnational narratives and developments; it will appear in P. Zumbansen (ed.), The Politics of Transnational Law: Epistemologies, Critique and Interventions (Elgar, 2018))
  • Inaugural lecture by Morag Goodwin entitled ‘The importance of elsewhere’, delivered at Tilburg University on 29 April 2016 (the lecture situates the Batwa in a global indigenous narrative and will be worked into a peer-reviewed article); the lecture is available to watch at (see below)
  • Mukwiza Ndahinda, F. (2016) ‘On Peoples’ rights, indigenous rights and interpretative ambiguities in decisions of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights’, African Journal on Human Rights, 16: 29–
  • Goodwin, M.E.A. (2016) Approaching Social Exclusion: poverty, discrimination, identity, Keynote lecture presented at Workshop on Poverty, Bochum, Germany, 8–9 July 2016 (the lecture presented the project methodology as a means of approaching social exclusion).

‘The importance of elsewhere’ – Inaugural lecture by Morag Goodwin

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